Monday, June 6, 2011

.:Desirae's Graduation Cake:.

This cake was for my Sister, Desirae's Graduation!! I am so proud of her and love her lots! I recieved so many compliments from everyone at the party and I dont think I talked so much about cake in one night before. One of my friends even let me have a taste of his piece! I actually hardly ever ever get to taste the finished product. It was a big hit and party was tons of fun!

Roseau Graduation Cake

This cake was for one of my cousins, Dylan's graduation from Roseau High School!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

.: John Deere :.

I made this cake for my brother Elliot's 7th birthday!

This was also my first attempt at making a 3-D cake. I am proud of this one.

Everything is made of cake except the tires are made out of rice crispy bars.

Friday, February 18, 2011

.:Birthday Sheet Cake:.

I tried a new recipe for this one! Mock Angel Food!!! Turned out wonderfully, will be making that one again for sure. This was my first sheet cake, 12x18x2! There was soo much batter, did not fit in my mixer! 16 egg whites in this one! As far as the decorations, they reminded me that I am a beginner and its not as easy as I would like sometimes, its a lot easier to draw out my design I want but doesn't always come out just how I would like.

Sunday, February 13, 2011


.:Auntie's Birthday Cake:.

This cake was very special to me, because it was for my Aunt Cloranda! We surprised her for her birthday and I knew I wanted to make a cake, but I didn't know what. We joke that she is my toughest critic, because she also makes cakes sometimes too. I knew she would appreciate it too! My mom helped me decide with this color scheme and we all were happy with how it turned out.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

.:Valentine's Day Cakes:.

This was my shot at a marble cake, with chocolate frosting covered in fondont and also an attempt at scroll piping work.
This is a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and chocolate fondont (not homemade :( but worked really really well)

Friday, February 4, 2011

.:Julia's Baptism Cake:.

This cake is a vanilla cake with a vanilla buttercream covered with a yellow fondont. It is for my cousin's Cody and Andrea's new baby girl, Julia's baptism. This is the biggest cake I've made and I am proud of it. All the flowers are hand made and I even had my mom help out with "glueing" the pearl decorations on as the centers of the flowers.

.:Birthday Carrot Cake:.

My aunt(and Godmother!) Carolyn's best friend Susan asked me to make a surprise birthday cake for a little surprise birthday lunch for Carolyn. Her favorite cake is carrot cake, which I've never made before, but I tried and think it turned out good :):) I frosted and decorated with a cream cheese frosting and used some crushed pecans for garnish. My stepdad Jeff has even requested this for his upcoming birthday!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

.: Oreo Cake :.

I made this cake at my boyfriend Jordan's apartment,
I had limited equipment but it turned out good anyways
It is a devil's food cake with Oreo pudding mix in the batter, it has a cream filling with some crushed up oreos, and the cake itself is frosted with a milk chocolate frosting. Yummmy.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

.:Valentine's Day:.

After a shopping trip to Micheal's in Grand Forks this weekend and the store being full of Valentine's Day stuff and seeing all the cute decorations in the cake isle I am really wanting to make some valentine's day cakes. I even bought some new supplies. (A person could really go on a shopping spree in that place!) If anyone is interested at all they should let me know. I have some ideas as little round cakes perfect to share with your Valentine's Day date. Chocolate with a strawberry or raspberry buttercream, or even a peanut butter buttercream sound delicious or even any flavor you wish.
Email me or you can always message me on facebook if you have any questions.
Flavors of cake I make at this time are chocolate, french vanilla, a traditional white, and red velvet. I am more then willing to try new flavors.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

.:Chocolate+Peanut Butter=Yum:.

Okay well this was the first time I made this cake, Ganache didn't work out the way I had hoped.
This is not the prettiest cake I've made but it is worth posting because it is delicious.
I tried a new chocolate cake, and swirled in milk chocolate and peanut butter into the batter and that turned out good. I tried a new peanut butter buttercream and LOVED it, will be using again for sure. I also tried ganache for the first time, and it didn't turn out quite how I had hoped. I learned some things for next time. But I am a beginner, everything is not going to work out with trial and error. But for all its worth here it is.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

.:Baby Cakes:.

This cake was for a baby shower for a little boy who is due in March. The cake was a chocolate cake with a vanilla buttercream decorated with homemade fondont and gum paste decorations. Pictured to the side just show the different sides of the block.

.:Birthday Cakes:.

.:Here are a few different birthday cakes I have made:.
This cake was for an adorable 1 year old little girl

This cake was my very first fondont cake made for my sister

This one was for my Grandma's Birthday

This one was for a surprize 40th and 50th Birthday!


Thanks for coming to check out my new blog, I wanted somewhere to post information about my cakes rather then on facebook alone. Its a work in progress and so is my little at home cake baking, I am new but am having a lot of fun experimenting with new techniques and styles. Feel free to email me with any questions or if you have any sort of event coming up and you might possibly be interested in a cake!