Sunday, January 23, 2011

.:Valentine's Day:.

After a shopping trip to Micheal's in Grand Forks this weekend and the store being full of Valentine's Day stuff and seeing all the cute decorations in the cake isle I am really wanting to make some valentine's day cakes. I even bought some new supplies. (A person could really go on a shopping spree in that place!) If anyone is interested at all they should let me know. I have some ideas as little round cakes perfect to share with your Valentine's Day date. Chocolate with a strawberry or raspberry buttercream, or even a peanut butter buttercream sound delicious or even any flavor you wish.
Email me or you can always message me on facebook if you have any questions.
Flavors of cake I make at this time are chocolate, french vanilla, a traditional white, and red velvet. I am more then willing to try new flavors.

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